The EEG Foundation: Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to make a positive impact and difference in our school communities by investing and supporting transformative ideas, family engagement solutions, and providing wrap-around services for early learners to address some of our most pressing educational challenges in the United States. We are committed for a lifetime. Our solutions satisfy both short-term needs and long-term sustainability efforts. Once school districts, partners, families, and early learners integrate in 'the EEG way', our teams are devoted to their collective success... our accomplishments are your accomplishments.

Our Work and Momentum

Since the inception of Education Equity Group, we have impacted thousands of families and learners in diverse communities. Our solutions include:
- addressing communities of greatest need,
- supplying learning materials to homes to support independent learning,
- removing barriers to improve family engagement,
- empowering early learners through exposure to advanced topics in math, science, and social studies, and
- reaching more families through community and job opportunities to improve the economic standing of households.

Our People
We seek to address problems with forward-leaning long term solutions. Our people and communities we serve are devoted to results-oriented approaches.
Our Processes
Our coordinated processes and connections maximize resources, human capital, and potential to improve educational outcomes for families and early learners.
Our Impact
The greater community, schools, families and early learners are life partners. Our relationships are critical for academic success.

A Collective Action Network of Partners

We build strategic partnerships across industries, organizations, and institutions to create sophisticated support networks to drive equity in education, support for early learners, and dynamic collective action.

The EEG Difference
Education Equity Group offered Glendale Primary School and families the opportunity to share concerns in a safe environment where parents can come together, learn, and discuss real educational challenges.

EEG Parent Captain

Families matter. What we have to say to teachers matters. We want to volunteer and become more involved, but we need the support of the schools to welcome us and communicate with us... and not just behavioral concerns, but also sharing with us the academic progress of our children.

Concerned Parent