The EEG Foundation - Membership Tiers

The EEG Foundation's membership program reflects our mission of solving complex challenges through education, research, and community support. Below is a list of descriptions and benefits for our five membership levels: Associate, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Associate Membership

  • Description: Free Membership for our early learners, youth, and college members ages (6 - 20).
  • Associate Membership Benefits:
    1. Spread the Word: Join our online platforms and spread the good news about The EEG Foundation.
    2. Participate in Programs: Participate in our community programs and school-community events.
    3. Volunteering Opportunities: Support The EEG Foundation as an active volunteer.

Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Memberships

Connected Members - United in Purpose - Dedicated to our Cause
  • Bronze Member
  • It is ideal for individuals starting their journey with the EEG Foundation. This level is designed to introduce members to the foundation's core activities and goals.
  • Newsletter Access: Regular updates on the Foundation's activities and achievements.
  • Invitations to Webinars: Exclusive invitations to online seminars discussing various community issues and the Foundation's work.
  • Volunteering Opportunities: Priority access to local volunteering events.
  • Join for $75
  • Silver Member
  • For those who are ready to deepen their engagement with the Foundation's mission. This level is perfect for active community members.
  • All Bronze Benefits.
  • Networking Events: Invitations to local and regional networking events with key community leaders and other members.
  • Educational Workshops: Access to specialized workshops focusing on community development and non-violent solutions.
  • Join for $125
  • Gold Member
  • Aimed at dedicated supporters who wish to take a more significant role in the Foundation's initiatives. Ideal for leaders in the community.
  • All Silver Benefits.
  • Mentorship Program: Opportunities to mentor or be mentored by prominent community figures.
  • Recognition: Acknowledgment in Foundation publications and at events.
  • Join for $250
  • Platinum Member
  • The highest level of membership, offering unparalleled access and influence in the Foundation's projects. Suitable for major donors and influential community figures.
  • All Gold Benefits.
  • Advisory Role: Opportunity to serve on advisory boards for specific projects or initiatives.
  • Personalized Updates: Custom reports and updates on the direct impact of your support.
  • Join for $400
The membership levels allow for a wide range of engagement with The EEG Foundation, catering to varying levels of interest and capacity to contribute, fostering a diverse and active community committed to our mission, vision, values, and goals.